Monday, September 15, 2014

California Recap

Since this trip turned into something a little unexpected, we were able to rent a car and drive all around California which was absolutely beautiful.  We devoted one day to the beach where we drove through the mountains, stopping whenever we felt like it to take pictures and soak up the view.  I was totally devoted to swimming until I stuck my feet in the water. It was freezing. So, the rest of the day was spent chasing the tide and trying not to fall. 

While Evan was in rehearsals, I was able to spend a lot of time with my cousin Mattie who lives there.  We walked around the Venice Canals which is this neighborhood of amazing houses that face a series of canals.  Can you imagine waking up and drinking your coffee on your rowboat? I mean...This is what life is for! We went back at night with Evan and it was even better.  Twinkle lights everywhere, people sitting on their back porch with their living room doors thrown open talking about their art shows.  It was all very romantic.  

I had the best diner coffee of my life at a retro place called Franks Restaurant. It was this wonderful midcentury style place with deep tufted leather booths. They just happened to be closing early because they were filming a movie inside. Our sweet waitress told us that they filmed "Gone Girl" there.  I actually just finished the book and was excited for the movie, but now I am even more stoked to spot our little place.  I hope they sat in the same booth that we did!

Friday, September 12, 2014

California Dreamin'

California! You ole dog! What was supposed to be a short trip turned into an extended one. And to top it off, Evan's rehearsals were called off three days into the trip. The days were long in the best way and we soaked up time together as well as time with family and friends. There was also a night where we holed up in our hotel room watching True Detective until 6 am.  I kept saying "WHAT ARE WE EVEN GOING TO DO TOMORROW?! LET'S START ANOTHER EPISODE!" A solid argument, which prompted Evan to press play.

It feels good to be back in Missouri with the weather starting to hint that fall is near, but I will miss those awesome mountains and all the tropical plants. Ahh the cacti! 76% of the pictures on my phone from the trip are strictly cactus. I'll be back next week to share some more photos!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mixed Media Abstract Art DIY

As much as I love art, it can be crazy expensive.  Especially abstract art!  And although I dream of owning a home full of original art by my famous artist friends, it's not happening at the moment.  We do have some pieces from our friend's who are artists, but it's a slow process to build an art collection that is cohesive and interesting.

This is actually a mixed media abstract.  Which I love because it is less daunting and more cost effective than painting your own piece.  The process is super fun too!  

Tissue Paper
Mod Podge
Acrylic Paint
Bristol Board
Gold Leaf & Accesories
Paint Brushes

Squirt about a tablespoon of paint into your bowls and then add about a cup.  Make sure your paint is mixed well.  Then tear off pieces of tissue paper and dye it.  You can add more paint or water depending on how saturated you want your piece to be. Or you can let it sit for a longer period of time.  Place the pieces on a paper towel to dry.  Have fun with the process! It's totally like dying easter eggs.  Except your priorities have shifted from plastic eggs to original abstract artist.  Mini you would be so proud.  Also how cool are you?! 

Mix about a tablespoon of Mod Podge with 1/2 cup of water.  Brush the mixture onto the paper in sections, being careful to not soak the paper.

Apply the tissue paper and smooth with fingers.  This is where the art really comes to life. You can layer pieces of tissue paper over each other to create contrast and texture.  Try tearing the tissue paper into different sizes and shapes.  To me, my pieces started looking like mountains.  Kinda cool, right?

After the piece is dry, apply the gold leaf adhesive. I picked one "line" and followed it along the edges.  

Apply the gold leaf.  It doesn't have to be perfect! It kind of takes on an organic shape, which I love.

Brush off the excess gold leaf.  Let the piece dry overnight & then frame.

I really like how they turned out.  It sort of feels like a water color meets Japanese Ink Art.  The paint sort of blends and does its own thing while you are applying the tissue paper.  For how easy it is, it looks complicated and interesting which is totally my jam.

And if you want it even easier, you can win one that I made complete with the frame!  I always make a couple of the projects that I share, so why not share the love? There's two ways to enter:

Follow Be Home Soon on bloglovin'
Follow me on Instagram and comment on this photo with where you would hang this if you won it

The winner will be chosen totally at random & the giveaway ends on Friday, September 5th. 


Happy Labor Day! Here's to Netflix binging in pajamas all day long!

P.S. And as always thanks to my best friend Lyndi, who comes over at 9 am to let me boss her around while I take pictures.  

Friday, August 29, 2014

LA bound

We are headed out to LA this weekend!  Evan has rehearsals for a while there and then heads to South America for 2 months.  So in true fashion (which is fly by the seat of our pants) we decided last weekend that I was to come along.  If you follow me on instagram then expect some palm tree pics coming your way!

Here is what I am loving as of late-

The idea of a minimalist closet from this adorable girl. I ripped out half of my closet this week in a mad frenzy to simplify my life.  Who's with me?!

These Rifle Paper Co books illustrated by Anna Bond.  So beautiful!

I am obsessed with these pendant lights!  How amazing would they be in a restaurant? 

If you are looking for throw pillows, Stay and Co is having a warehouse sale. I can't wait for their new line! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! If you have any suggestions for food/shopping/fun in LA I would love to hear them!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to Clean an Antler for a More Modern Look

Antlers are such a fun and easy accessory to throw on top of some books or a nightstand.  They make it look a little more styled without being cluttered.  And although "au natural" antlers are amazing, I prefer brighter look.

Obviously, you can get fake antlers that will stay bright forever. Which is a nicer/more humane solution. That being said, for all of those who are sporting the real deal in your home, this super simple trick is for you.

An antler of your choice
A bowl or Sink

Pour equal parts of water and bleach into a sink or bowl.  I used a bowl because I didn't have a lot of bleach left.  I go through that stuff hard core.

Place the antler in the bowl.  If the antler isn't fully immersed, that is completely fine.  Just know that you will have to rotate it.  I waited about 30 minutes for each end.  The time also depends on how dirty (it takes off everything!) your antler is. I have already bleached this particular antler about 3 years ago, so it was more yellow than legit dirty.  

 Let it dry thoroughly. 

Bam! You are done. Style it! How easy, but oh so satisfying is this?! Wait, I'll do one more.

Ohh yeahhh! I didn't photoshop the image above, just so you can really see the difference.  

Part of me wonders if this is something that hunters/taxidermists have known forever?  I mean I am none of the above, so I could've easily missed this boat on this.  Whatever the case, it does the job! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Vintage Rattan Chairs

My relationship with Craigslist is casual.  In the sense that I love Craig, but I don't commit to him in the way that he needs and deserves.  So when I saw these rattan chairs late one night, it was hard to sleep.  I mean, I contemplated texting the seller at 2 am because I couldn't stand not knowing if they were sold.  Now I know what Beyonce means when she sings "Crazy in Love".

Because I am feeling so crazy in love with these chairs.  Did I mention they are in almost mint condition? And that the seller went down from $90 to $75 for the pair?! In other words, I feel unworthy of the awesome that these guys bring to our living room.

I have been really struggling with pulling the trigger on a pair of chairs.  Like over a year.  I mean, chairs are hard.  New ones are incredibly expensive and vintage ones just involve a lot of footwork.   I needed something airy and light, with minimum upholstery because our living room/dining room/kitchen is an open floor plan. So these fit the bill in the best way.  They make the space look curated and interesting without feeling overly heavy.  They are also so comfortable. I know, right?!

Now all they need are super amazing pillows and another sheepskin.  Which leads me to make a mental note that when Ikea KC opens I should buy at the very least, 17-36 sheepskins. You never know, ya know?

I also vow to recommit to Craig.  I feel like this is his way of saying that I need to stop flirting with him and check in on a regular basis.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Green

I've talked about my parent's small farm before and how it is little slice of paradise.  Right now it's especially beautiful. It's as alive as it will ever be before the dog days of summer come and gobble up all of the green.  This year we've eaten raspberries, grapes, strawberries, and blackberries that my mom has picked.  She actually came over one morning and I woke up to find her baking a blackberry cobbler. I MEAN WHO DOES THAT?! SHE IS THE BEST.

They recently added chickens and ducks to the mix, and they are ridiculious.  The ducks refuse to go towards the water and they just want to hang out with the chickens at all times.  They were raised together, so I am guessing they think they are said chickens.

Another thing I love about the farm is my mom's oriental wisteria.  She has had it for around 8 years and it had yet to bloom. Two years ago, she was about to cut it down when it burst into these brilliant flowers. I think she said they only lasted for a couple of days, but the blooms were so beautiful that she said it was worth the 8 years of waiting.  I just love that story.  Some things take a long time, but are so worth it.

I guess I could apply that story to the sun hat that I am wearing as well? I bought it a year ago and lost it.  I looked high and low for it, finally thinking it was gone forever. Then while we were cleaning out our garage, I opened up a trunk and there she be! Not quite the same as waiting 8 years, but you get what I am putting down?

Wishing you guys a wonderful weekend! One that is full of ducks, blackberries, and small slices of paradise.